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Give Her of the Fruit of Her Hands (8 CDs) - $24.00
Take a closer look at the fruit of these Bible women that we praise them for today...

  • Hannah - Getting along with People Who Provoke
  • Rahab - Handling Heavy Baggage
  • Mom's Trunk - A Tribute to My Mother
  • Sarah - "pleasure, my lord…"
  • Mary - God Chose Her Because…
  • Rebekah - Yielding to the "Sport"
  • Anna - What She did "Now"
  • The Woman Who "Hath Done What She Could"

A Purchased Possession (6 CDs) - $18.00

As children of God, we are His purchased possession.  Learn about that relationship in this special six-part series.

Favorite Stories of the Old Testament (12 CDs) - $36.00

Hear twelve messages preached on these all-time favorite Old Testament stories.

  • Three Hebrew Boys
  • Joseph and His Brothers
  • Daniel and the Lions' Den
  • Gideon and His 300
  • David and Goliath
  • The Twelve Spies
  • Joshua and the Wall of Jericho
  • Abraham and Isaac
  • Noah
  • Elisha and the Widow
  • The Red Sea
  • Elijah's Trip

What the Bible Is to Me (12CDs) - $36.00

Hear twelve messages on what the Bible should be to every child of God.

  • Nourishing Food
  • Peerless Weaponry (4 parts)
  • Cleansing Water
  • Revealing Mirror
  • Guiding Light
  • Fruitful Seed (3 parts)
  • Perpetual Fire

Missions: God's Mandate, Our Ministry (8 CDs) - $24.00

Hear eight messages on the subject of world missions – God’s heartbeat.

  • Sitting Against the Treasury
  • Why Have Missions
  • Faith Promise Giving
  • First Century Missions
  • The Money of Missions
  • Three Ps in the FP Pod
  • God's Plan for Evangelism
  • He Takes Few to Feed Many

Teens Need Truth (8 CDs) - $24.00

Hear eight messages preached at youth conferences and youth camps for teenagers.

  • God and Your Body
  • Seeing the Invisible You
  • You and Your Pastor
  • Jesus and His Parents
  • A Man and His Cause
  • I Am Debtor
  • Snake Bite
  • Your Young Men

This We Know (8 CDs) - $24.00

Hear eight messages preached on future events.

  • The Rapture
  • The Great White Throne Judgment
  • The Pre-Tribulation Rapture
  • The Millenial Reign of Christ
  • The Judgment Seat of Christ
  • The New Heaven and New Earth
  • The Battle of Armageddon
  • The Eternal State

Trials in the Christian Life (8 CDs) - $24.00

Hear eight messages that will help prepare you for trials in the Christian life.

  • The Certainty of Trials
  • The Duration of Trials
  • Avoiding Trials
  • The Benefit of Trials
  • The Necessity of Trials
  • The Reward from Trials
  • Joy During Trials
  • Look Who’s Here

Let Brotherly Love Continue (6 CDs) - $18.00

Hear six messages preached on the all-important subject of brotherly love.

  • Are You Wearing Your Badge?
  • The Manner of Brotherly Love
  • Perpetuating Brotherly Love
  • An Example of Brotherly Love
  • The Love of the Brethren
  • Three Impossibilities Concerning Brotherly Love

The Person of Christ (6 CDs) - $18.00

Hear six messages preached on the greatest person—Jesus Christ.

  • The Mind of Christ
  • The Words of Christ
  • The Eyes of Christ
  • The Feet of Christ
  • The Ears of Christ
  • The Hands of Christ

Feet Fit for the Faith (4 CDs) - $12.00

Hear four messages about the Christian’s feet and his walk.

  • Fit for the Fight
  • Fit for the Furnace
  • Fit for the Flight
  • Fit for the Future

Four Characteristics of Fundamentalism (4 CDs) - $12.00

Hear four messages that define the basic beliefs of fundamentalism.

  • One Bible
  • Ecclesiastical Separation
  • One Salvation
  • Personal Separation

It's Conference TIme (4 CDs) - $12.00

These four messages were preached at conferences and are designed to encourage God’s men in the work of the ministry.

  • This City
  • For We Be Brethren
  • How Do You See Your Calling?
  • The Power of Grace

The Angels' Christmas Carol (4 CDs) - $12.00

Hear four messages preached on the angels’ Christmas carol to…

  • Zacharias
  • Mary
  • Joseph
  • The Shepherds

The Second Time! (4 CDs) - $12.00

Hear four messages exhorting the believer to be faithful until Christ comes THE SECOND TIME!

  • Promises Relative to the Second Coming
  • What Makes the Blessed Hope Blessed?
  • Christ’s Coming and God’s Commands
  • Hope to the End

Mama Said So (8CDs) - $24.00

Hear lessons on what every child should learn from his mother based on what the Proverbs 31 woman taught her son.

  • Her Responsibility to Teach
  • Purity
  • God Created Them
  • Inward and Outward Dress
  • Destructive Forces
  • How, When and Why She Works
  • Compassion for Others
  • Also included: A lesson entitled “Suffer the Little Children” – Seven things I learned from my little children.

Our Heavenly Heritage (8 CDs) - $24.00

Hear lessons taught on the lives of seven unique and very different Bible women.

  • Hagar – Despised in Her Eyes
  • Mary & Martha – Two sides of the Story
  • Manoah’s Wife – Submission
  • Gomer – Learning from Disgrace
  • Job’s Wife – Getting Through a Trial
  • Eunice – The Single Mom
  • Euodias and Syntyche – Getting Along with Others
  • Also included: A lesson entitled “The Wife of Thy Youth” – a 25th Anniversary “State of the Union Address”

Searching for Hidden Treasure (8 CDs) - $24.00

Hear lessons on finding treasure in the field that God has given us.
Topics covered: Life, Grief, Depression, Marriage, the Tongue, Motherhood, In-laws, Good Testimony

  • Reproofs of Life
  • I’m Not Perfect
  • Not As Others
  • The Family Affair
  • From Prison to Pantry
  • Let Your Light So Shine
  • The Nasty Now and Now
  • Who Are These Children, and Why Are They Calling Me Mom?

Teaching The Younger Women (8 CDs) - $24.00

Hear lessons young women must learn from the older women on…

  • Being Sober
  • Being Chaste
  • Loving Their Husbands
  • Being Keepers at Home
  • Being Good
  • Loving Their Children
  • Being Discreet
  • Being Obedient to Their Husbands

  • My Donkey Speaks - $ 5.00 -God used a donkey to speak to Balaam. He also used some donkeys to speak to me.
  • A Wounded Spirit - $ 5.00- "Steps for the healing of a wounded spirit.”
  • From Prison to Pantry - $ 5.00 -“Dealing with depression.”
  • The Wife of Thy Youth - $ 5.00 -My 25th Anniversary “State of the Union Address”
  • Rahab - $ 5.00 -Handling Heavy Baggage
  • “Suffer the Little Children” - $ 5.00 -Seven things I learned from my little children

Message Title

  • First Century Missions Giving by Dr. Terry Anglea $ 3.00 -Learn how first century churches set the example of supporting missionaries for the purpose of preaching the Gospel to the regions beyond.
  • William Christie by Howard Van Dyck $ 2.00 -A biography of the missionary who pioneered the Gospel to the country of Tibet.
  • Answers For Emily $11.50
  • Book of Children's Plays by Faith Capps - Click Here to Order
  • Seven Single Women of the Bible by Becky Peyton - Click Here to Order

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